Welcome to the 2023 Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Influencers — US and Canada list, SIA’s salute to people who have made great strides in advancing diversity in the workforce solutions ecosystem. The 49 people on this year’s list have been passionate advocates for others — including BIPOC, LGBTQ+, neurodiverse, disabled, women and working mothers, and military veterans and spouses — while never shying away from tough conversations on DE&I.

Their efforts are as diverse as the communities they serve. Our honorees have introduced new models, jumpstarted diversity hiring at their own firms or gone out on their own to found firms and organizations that empower those who have been historically excluded. Many evangelize the power of DE&I through public speaking engagements, books or podcasts. 

Whether or not they hold roles dedicated to diversity at their companies, the DE&I Influencers have been passionate about bridging opportunity gaps at their companies or externally. Please join us in honoring these leaders. 

Meet our DE&I Influencers below, or access the full list here.

DE&I policies don't always receive the priority and funding they need, nor do they come into place automatically. But they remain highly important regardless of economic trends.

The effectiveness of AI in removing bias from the recruiting process is coming under scrutiny, while governments look to keep practices nondiscriminatory.

In the transformation to a diverse, equitable and inclusive workforce ecosystem, all parties must be part of the conversations, from staffing suppliers to buyers and talent.

From finding workers to bolstering DE&I metrics to building a brand recognized for having a commitment to social justice, integrating fair chance hiring warrants a second look.