Welcome to SIA’s 2022 Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Influencers — US and Canada list, comprising 47 professionals who have been making great strides to move the diversity mission forward in the workforce solutions ecosystem. The list is a testament to those who have been advocating for others — including BIPOC, LGBTQ+, neurodiverse, disabled, women and working mothers, and military veterans and spouses — and having the tough conversations on DE&I.

Their efforts are as diverse as the communities they serve, from introducing new models to jumpstart diversity hiring, founding firms and organizations to empower the historically excluded to evangelizing via speaking gigs, books or podcasts.

Whether they hold roles dedicated to diversity at their companies or not, the DE&I Influencers have been working at their companies and externally to bridge the opportunity gap.

Meet them below or access the full list here.

DE&I is a work in progress. Here are some of the pain points different groups within the workforce solutions ecosystem are dealing with.

The concept of belonging is difficult for many leaders to grasp, but it’s imperative that they do in order to foster inclusion in the workplace.

Consider your diverse talent when evaluating and establishing remote work policies in your organization and how they can benefit your DE&I initiatives.

Companies need to evaluate their hiring systems and interview processes to improve their access to diverse candidates.